2009 News Articles

A (1 June 2009) article, "Unraveling twisters' turns," from The Denver Post focuses on the collective project to study tornadogenesis, VORTEX2. You will need a PSD viewer software to view these items.
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In the (May 2009) issue of Discover, Leora Frankel continues to offer readers a behind-the-scenes look at the scientific missions to study tornadoes, including VORTEX2, in her article, "Funnel Vision." (You will need a PSD viewing software to view these pages.)
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The Washington Post's (20 April 2009) article, "Tornado-Chasing Project Aims to Improve Forecasts" describes the upcming VORTEX2 field project.

In the (4 April 2009) issue of Physics World, Joshua Wurman is featured in the publications "Careers" series.

Publicity for the (27 February - 1 March 2009) Colloquium 2009: Weather or Not includes mention of a presentation given by Joshua Wurman, as well as gives a brief biography of the researcher. You will need a PSD viewer to view these files.

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