2004 News Articles

This (17 September 2004) article in the Daily Camera describes the Doppler on Wheels' intercept of Hurricane Ivan as it came ashore in Alabama. To view this article, you will need a PSD viewing software.
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A (22 April 2004) article in the Rocky Mountain News describes Joshua Wurman's intent to spend two months out on the Great Plains as he and his fleet of 25 assistants hunt for tornadoes to sample with the DOWs. To read this article, you will need a PSD viewer.

The (April 2004) issue of Current Science features "Mister Twister," an article featuring Joshua Wurman and his drive to obtain three-dimensional data from tornadoes using mobile Doppler radar trucks. You will need a PSD viewing software to view this article.
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In the (2004) edition of Bob Ryan's Almanac, Joshua Wurman discusses why he chases tornadoes and hurricanes, and what data he hopes to obtain and analyze. This article is viewable only with a PSD viewing software.
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In the (January/February 2004) issue of Weatherwise magazine, "The Art of Storms" highlights one of the many research applications of the Doppler on Wheels mobile radar trucks: the scanning/mapping of wildfires. (You will need a PSD viewer to read this article.)
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