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      Doppler On Wheels
The Doppler On Wheels (DOW) Project has created two mobile Doppler weather radars mounted on trucks that have explored rare, shoert-lived and small scale phenomena, permitting the first ever mappings of tornado winds, hurricane wind streaks, and resolution of detailed tornado structure and evolution at scales well below 100 m.
A new Rapid-DOW will transmit 6 simultaneous beams in 2003, then 12 in 2004 in order to collect volumetric samples every 5-10 seconds, permitting, for the first time, multiple vortices, tornadogenesis, turbulence, and other rapidly evolving processes to be observed in 3D detail.

Doppler On Wheels

If you are interested in using the DOW radars, or getting more information, please contact admin@cswr.org.
DOWs measure record high wind speeds of 301 +/- 20 mph (135 +/- 10 m/s) in 03 May 1999 Oklahoma City tornado. 

The DOW Project is a collaborative effort between the Center for Severe Weather Research  and the Atmospheric Technology Division of the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Funding is provided primarily by the National Science Foundation

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