Hurricane Ike (2008)
On 14 September 2008, CSWR DOW and mesonet teams intercepted hurricane Ike at the landfall point in Galveston, TX. A DOW was deployed in eastern Galveston, ten 1-m wind measuring platforms were distributed on the eastern Galveston seawall, the Galveston causeway, and the Texas City seawall, and two mobile mesonet vehicles, each deploying a disdrometer were deployed at either ends of the Galveston causeway. The DOW collected many hours of data over the ultra-fine scale surface array during. The center of the eye passed nearly exactly over the east Galveston surface array. DOW radar data from inside the eye reveal mesovortices rotating around the eye, likely enhancing winds and damage in the areas they crossed. The mesovortices likely crossed over the fine-scale surface arrays, so high resolution (50 m gating) and surface data will be compared. Crew who weathered the hurricane in Galveston were extracted safely and were home approximately two days after the hurricane made landfall.

Preliminary deployment maps, radar images and other data can be found by clicking here. (Note, in this document, UTC times are correct, but CST times are one hour fast.)

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