SNOWIE: Seeded and Natural Orographic Wintertime Clouds, the Idaho Experiment

CSWR has just completed the field phase of its participation in the SNOWIE project, which occurred from January to March 2017. DOW6 and DOW7 were deployed to the tops of two mountains in central Idaho, where they observed the dynamical and microphysical processes inherent to winter mountain precipitation.

SNOWIE seeks to understand how cloud seeding with silver iodide (AgI) modifies the amount and distribution of snowfall in mountainous terrain. The Idaho Power Company already maintains an operational cloud seeding program in the region using both aircraft and ground generators. During a cloud seeding event, silver iodide is released directly into winter storms, with the hope that snowfall totals are ultimately increased. The increase in snowfall benefits both agriculture and hydroelectric power generation by increasing spring snowmelt. The DOWs, together with the University of Wyoming King Air research aircraft, took observations of the AgI plume during cloud seeding events to determing their effectiveness. The project was a joint effort between researchers from three different universities, the National Science Foundation , the National Centers for Atmospheric Research, and the Idaho Power Company.

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